The Underground King of the Northwest: Introducing to the World Mr. Rida

Emerging with a hot new sound in his brand new album, rising artist and rapper Mr. Rida is all set to get his music out and make it big in the music industry

Portland, Oregon – September 28th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Mr. Rida is a phenomenal force in the world of music, especially in the genre of Hip Hop which keeps evolving and growing as time passes. With the release of his brand new album titled ‘The 1 That Saved The Game’ in 2019, the artist is looking forward to winning the hearts of music lovers around the world and growing his fan following.

Releasing the album 2 years back, the artist is back with a fresh perspective on music.  Growing immensely as an artist in these past couple of years, Mr. Rida is back to prove himself in the musical world and make it big in the industry. He is all set to make 2021 a productive year career-wise and come out at the top in the end. His latest album ‘The 1 That Saved The Game’ is one of his best pieces of work to this date. Working on the entire album by himself, the talented artist dedicated years of his life to the making of this album. Perfectly each song to the very best of his capabilities and polishing every beat in order for the final product to come out sounding incredible, Mr. Rida made sure to fully incorporate his years of musical experience into the music. The album has been composed in a way that all the songs sound completely different and unique, yet the album flows together masterfully from front to back. This ability to make his sound fit so many categories of music make Mr. Rida stand out amongst other similar artists.

The album, available on every major digital music platform, consists of a total of 16 tracks. The single titled “The 1 That Saved The Game”, which is also a part of the album was uploaded on YouTube along with a music video on December 27th, 2019.  Some other tracks from the album include “Damn”, “Where I Come From”, “Return of da Reaperz”, “Portland Bounce”, “All The Chips”, and many more. What makes this album so immensely unique and creative is its ability to invoke different emotions in different people. He has included a little something in the album for almost every age group, including “Radio Side” and “Street Side”, which have been added to make it easier for the listeners.

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Mr. Rida is a premier artist and producer from the “Great Northwest” straight out of Northeast Portland Oregon, the home of the Trailblazers, a largely undiscovered & underrated music scene, and the best chronic on the planet.

He has been in the game for 20 years and soaked up a lot from many different people, places, and experiences that helped him polish and perfect the sound in his craft.

Name: Mr. Rida
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: (503) 253-5904
10118 NE Beech St.
Portland, OR 97220

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