The Vizion Delivers “Sunshine” With New Single

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Virginia Beach, Virginia – June 23, 2020 – Like Lauryn Hill and Common before her, The Vizion is taking a neo-soul approach to hip hop in a way that highlights the purity of her vocals and the heart of her lyrics on her latest single, “Sunshine,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

In a year that has brought more than its fair share of bad news, “Sunshine” is a refreshing piece of music that not only fills hip hop fans’ hearts with joy but also uplifts the spirits of all who are within earshot. The Vizion is a bright spot in the hip hop realm with this track, but she’s not alone as DeShawn Nelson helps take the single to new heights with his additional vocal support. Hip hop and Top 40 stations interested in freshening up their playlists would be well advised to give The Vizion’s “Sunshine” more than its fair share of spins. 

Octavia “The Vizion” Mills spent her teens listening to the likes of Hill and Alicia Keys. Influenced by what they did with words, she took pen to paper the poetry naturally flowed from her. By 16 she was performing spoken word poetry for audiences and soon enough she took the next step and started to turn those words into songs. In June 2019 she dropped her debut EP, which led to singing with G-Man Management just months later. 

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