This 1 is 4…….(Uniting the world in Music)

King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa — In 2023, the team was united once again for the release of EP This 1 is 4. Having gone through life challenges, they united again in music to release a 5 track EP, on which they featured 2 more international artists Breana Mari (Love Pulse) on Where everybody should be and Lakeith Rashad on The Reazon.

After 4 years, the 1 Stop Entertainment Records ZA put over a great selection of tracks. The album caters to everyone as it has less profanity and features collaborations from different artists and styles, worldwide. It contains 5 tracks that cater to women, in a respectful manner. It has great content and message to accommodate different age groups, globally.

“Boipelo personally loves the track,’ Where you should be. It’s a great track” Boipelo

“Their music should be sent to Radio stations as it has great content and mood” Natti Nation

The album is available on all platforms, digitally. On the 22nd of February, they will release a Remastered version of their first single “Fake Smile, Fake Love”

This 1 is 4, it was recorded to spread the message of love, collaboration, and unity amongst artists globally. The album features works from different producers, namely Dylan Graham, Daniel Cruz, and Roc Legion.

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Luyolo, being a co-founder of 1 Stop Entertainment World with his brother Sixolisiwe Nyaluza, known by the stage name Jerroz Dance Floor, decided to make a product of music, inviting Bongolwethu and other local artists with a passion for music. 1 Stop Entertainment Records ZA is continually growing and creating relationships, uniting artists, locally in South Africa, continental in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and globally to spread the message of positivity. Website is


Big Bad Black Wolf
Name: 1 Stop Entertainment Records ZA
Address: 1952 Zone 1, Phakamisa, King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +27721718924/+27798367806
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