This Artists Encourages Everyone Never To Let Go Of Those Butterflies, Uplifting, positive, and soothing music by Lizzibear


Vancouver, BC Canada – May 5th, 2021 – Artist Lizzibear is an up-and-coming artist who produces music in the pop genre. She released her latest album last year on December 21st, titled ‘Endlessly Chasing Butterflies.’ Lizzibear only started writing recently, having composed her first song only two years ago. Recorded during the pandemic, the latest album was a way for the artist to get through her mental health issues.


The singer’s soothing vocals paired with her emotional and expressive style have often evoked a series of emotions in the listeners. Some people have even reported that they were brought to tears – perhaps the highest praise any musician can get. Having an uplifting and positive effect, artist Lizzibear’s music has been well received.


The album ‘Endlessly Chasing Butterflies’ was an unexpected composition, but it also best summarizes the artist’s philosophy about her music career. A romantic at heart and a believer in fairy tales and wishing upon stars, Lizzibear found herself dreaming about the process of falling deeply in love almost two years ago. Having just battled with complex PTSD and depression, she started to write songs about the feeling of butterflies tickling in one’s tummy right before they fall in love hopelessly and endlessly. Continuing with the theme, Lizzibear kept on writing songs, Resulting in a whole album.


Lizzibear’s music is influenced by 80s and 90s music, which she grew up with. There is also a mixture of 20s and 50s/60s music in her compositions due to this being her parent’s music. These influences are not usually found in contemporary music, making Lizzibear’s songs unique.


The artist is looking forward to making more uplifting and inspirational music for her audiences. Currently, she is working on a new project which shall be released shortly. Considering Lizzibear’s musical talents and goals, the track is expected to be a highly motivational piece of music.


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Lizzibear is a staunch believer in love and its restorative powers. The power of love inspires her, and she believes the world could be a better place if all were a little more open to receiving and giving love. Lizzibear also started a clothing line during the pandemic, where she sells other merchandise with custom hand-drawn digital art designs on them.




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