This Is The Music You Have Been Missing.

Sacramento, California — J-GuNN has definitely got what it takes to take it to the next level. He brings excitement with his creative style and the way he formulates his lyrics. This is a true talent and no one wants to miss his up-and-coming projects.

This is music for everybody, J-GuNN has such a versatile pallet of music, that he ranges from R&B to Hip-Hop with strong influences from Rock n Roll. His songs are streaming on all digital platforms and can also be purchased for everyone’s very own copies.

He will always say that he loves when the music makes sense and it makes everyone want to listen over and over again.

J-GuNN has previously released his EP titled “On My Way” and with his most recent album dropping titled “Mathematics” everyone should be seating on the edge of their seats for what’s next.

J-GuNN is bringing such an amazing style and talent that everyone will enjoy going through his database of material and selecting all of their favorite songs. Stay tuned and Prepare to be Amazed.

So let’s go, grab phones, devices, and remote controls and get copies from Apple Music, Spotify, and All other digital platforms.



J-GuNN brings him up the close and personal style of music by telling his aspects of life, and what he’s experienced. He has an upbeat and positive type of flow that makes everyone sit back, listen, and just think. He prides himself on making music that everyone can relate to.


Name: Jay Brantley
Email: [email protected]




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