This Will Never Be On the Voice

The Despicable Little Man is a Los Angeles based Producer / Songwriter. He sticks mostly to his studio, but ventures out for occasional showcases.

The music is more a blend of elements than a genre. The electric guitar will put it in a rock setting, but the sax and electronic elements take it somewhere else.

To the voice. I say producer / songwriter because you cannot really call The Despicable Little Man a singer. That being said, the vocal does seem to fit in there somehow and it’s frailty betrays a self-consciousness that fits the lyric storyline.

In You Don’t Have to Try (To Hurt Me) the DLM speaks about giving yourself totally away to someone. Sort of we are most vulnerable to the people closest to us. In those situations, a sensitive person gets hurt by any offhand comment, disapproving facial expression or a thoughtless action. Love leaves some people so open to pain.

There is a lot going on in the mix, headphones are a different experience than the computer speakers. The arrangement morphs and changes behind the vocals. WHile there are sections to the song, it’s refreshing to have some changes in a song list this. The guitars are a little bit hard, but the sax softens things up a little bit.

This is an interesting track for the lyric content, instrumentation and vocal styling. However, you will never hear The DLm singing on The Voice.

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