Thoughtful and Reflective Rap and Hip-Hop Compositions: Emerging Artist Icy Bro Set to Inspire Listeners

With a rich and reminiscent musical vibe, rising sensation Icy Bro is driven to capture hearts, minds, and souls with musical compositions that are both Old School Rap, and yet also underscored by contemporary tastes and rhythms.

Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany – June 13th, 2021 – Bound to become a favorite for listeners of authentic Rap and Hip Hop, budding artist Icy Bro is set to mesmerize with a refreshing new single. Slated for release on June 27th, 2021, the single will offer an intriguing look into the mind of this rising artist and showcase all the many musical tastes and talents he has to offer to listeners.

Marking his first release of the year 2021, the single comes after the world spends a year into lockdowns and crises spewed by the ongoing pandemic. A timely and fitting reflection, the single will be enunciated by Icy Bro’s stirring Hip Hop lyricism and song writing, fine-tuned by his son and musical collaborative partner, Jamil DaReal (Jamil Slater). Written in a time of reflection, introspection and much gravity, it will feature the musical prowess of the Baltimore-hailing artist, who puts on show an original flavor and musical spirit.

Working with his son, Jamil DaReal (Jamil Slater), who made the music for the upcoming single, Icy Bro’s music is marked by moving lyrics. Free from any material references and needless profanity, the single is raw, burning, and sensory.

“It’s the lyrics that have always moved me. I am conscious of every single word,” says the artist regarding his upcoming single.

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Icy Bro is an up-and-coming, Old School style rapper, who originally hails from Baltimore, but is currently running a language school in Germany.

The growing artist began his first rap group in Northeast Baltimore in 1982. He has had the stunning experience of working with top Pop artists and has toured with Rap artists in Europe since the late 80s. Working together as a team in Frankfurt, Germany, Icy Bro, and his son Jamil DaReal continue to enthrall and inspire listeners with a unique style and mix of music.

The empowering duo plans on staying true to their strong musical relationship and intend to produce many other musical compositions in the future, both somber, and provocative. Driven by the motto that “life on the bottom is really on the top”, Icy Bro’s music characterizes his own mindset and is both raw and appealing. Adamant that he will not commit to a single genre Icy Bro has already crafted the skeletons of several singles that are already in the pipeline of The Lucky Mushroom (a method for teaching English as a second language and his unique brand).



Name: Icy Bro
Email: [email protected]