Todd Fernandez Delivers Supernatural Soul Rock With New EP

‘Lover of a Third Kind’ Out November 15, 2019


Covington, Louisiana – November 5, 2019 – After taking more than a decade to focus his attention on his family, Todd Fernandez is ready to get back into the game with his November 2019 EP, ‘Lover of a Third Kind.’

‘Lover of a Third Kind’ features four original songs from the Louisiana rocker. He notes of his overall sound on and off the EP, “I like to push the genre lines a little between soul and rock with various other influences.” That’s apparent when one listens to the lead singles; “Lover of a Third Kind” and “Broken Hearts Community.” Both out now, they are a great representation of not only who Fernandez is as an artist, but what he’s capable of as a songwriter.

Todd Fernandez got his start years ago when he was in college in 2000. He spent the following five years playing alongside his bandmates in Shortbus. Once the music-maker started to have kids, music had to take a backseat. Now that they are older, Fernandez is ready to get back to it with ‘Lover of a Third Kind.”

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After almost 15 years away from music, Todd Fernandez is back with his new EP, ‘Lover of a Third Kind.’

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