Tommy Botz releases “Teddy Bear”

Country artist, Tommy Botz did some time in the Ohio state prison where he originally wrote “Teddy Bear” and a whole lot more while staying there and getting back on the recovery train. This song came together over a fellow inmate’s sadness of hearing that his daughter had just died, so it’s a stay fresh result of that difficult circumstance in which to write music. “Teddy Bear” didn’t get recorded overnight though, and that involves much more to tell than meet’s the eye of most songs. This is always where a challenge is worth taking to come up with your best, and Botz pulled out all stops to do that.

From his battle with alcoholism and living on the street to nearly 15 years of sobriety and finally realizing his dream to record his music – Songwriter Tommy Botz’s journey is one of hardship, not only that it’s one of major compassion. “Teddy Bear” is about a little girl who tragically lost her life, and the seemingly somewhat religious Tommy Botz’s mission was to record it with all the integral bells and whistles. And what he came out with is exactly that, an epic ballad that classifies as one for the books in my opinion.


As the story goes:  From his broken relationships to his loss of employment, no car, and no driver’s license, living to drink and drinking to live became his routine. Finally, with several years of sobriety and working under his belt, he made the decision to go for his dream and finally record some of the more than two hundred songs he’s written, and some of those tracks are on Tommy Boltz Music, from which “Teddy Bear” is the lead single. It seems like a lot for one man to handle, but this is usually where great songs come from, that darker place which they’re found at any given time.

Tommy Botz is now living sober for the last fourteen and a half years, and he lived in a halfway house after “crawling through the doors of the Ed Keating Center,” an apparent homeless drunk with nowhere to go. But looking back, that is when he met a man named Jack that told him to follow his direction and he won’t have to live that way again. But the loss of a guitar player put him back on the alcohol and that’s where prison came in. The Chevells and The Caesars 5 were two bands early in his music career, so there’s a lot to be discovered about this illustrious artist who’s now making his way back with this great single bringing his potential with him. 

Don’t miss the awesome vocals of Logan Wells on this stunning track, it features only the best in country singing, and might even go beyond that category to put her potential mildly, as well. Both shine in equal brightness on a track for all ages, not just old folks and country fans. This song also has a little something for everyone who love brooding ballads.

Zachary Rush