Transcending New Worlds with Rich, Moving, and Compelling Alternative Music – Ncry Evokes Stirring Emotions with New Track

Titled, “Don’t You See?”, Ncry’s rejuvenating new composition is one which not only equips listeners with the wings to fly but delivers a powerful message

Adachiku, Tokyo, Japan — Immersing his heart and soul into his craft, Ncry is a musician and composer whose work speaks volumes regarding his abilities. More than simply creating short compositions that deliver a fleeting sense of purpose or temperamental emotions, Ncry’s music embodies a vision and a string of sentiments.

Offering relatability and a sense of empathy through his evocative and stirring creations, Ncry is known to put audiences in a whole different state of mind. Mastering the art of Alternative, Ncry’s newest record, ‘Don’t You See?’ is an address that demands attention and a soundtrack that absorbs listeners with its soul-striking pull.

Lighting the way to move forward, Ncry’s new single, in essence, paints a complex yet striking picture of emotions. The title of the track itself hints at the intricacy of emotions one feels. A sentence, ‘Don’t You See?’ seems to embody denial or a strongly negative feeling. However, the track focuses more on the idea that if you look closely, you will see clearly, and realize that there is always someone taking care of you.

A heartening reassurance of the strange devices which the universe and humanity use to touch hearts and minds, Ncry’s new single is also a personal testament. The heart-rending single emphasizes how even the artist will always be there for the audiences, loving them and taking them onward and upward, on a journey with ‘imagined’ wings.

“Also, please don’t forget that you also have wings to fly. We can go anywhere we want as stronger as we wish,” declares Ncry, describing the thought that went behind the single.

‘Don’t You See?’ manifests more than just charming rhythms, music, and instrumentation. It represents the ideas, messages, stories, and emotions which Ncry has always wished to communicate and convey to someone. The new single is an addition to a discography that includes the tracks, ‘Loving or Breaking Down,’ ‘True Light,’ and others.

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Hearing his mother play the piano since he was a little child, Ncry naturally came to touch the piano keys himself. Moved by a variety of different experiences, the young artist slowly began to question society, nature, and the universe, wondering constantly, “What is it that I want to say?”

The answer he has found for now is pouring all his energy into music that will shake people’s souls and evoke a deep emotional response. For Ncry, it is the greatest source of happiness if those who listen to his songs feel as if they’ve remembered something precious, even for a moment.


Name: Ncry
Address: Tokyo adachiku nisiarai 3-4-20 104, Adachiku, Tokyo, Japan
Email: [email protected]




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