Transforming His Five Decade Long Career to Its Acme: Robby Benson Gets Even More Personal on His New LP “Simple Man”

The expressive record, at length, wrenches into the artist’s lyricism and nuanced production and reels in listeners for an immersive listen

Los Angeles, CA — November 18, 2022- Robby Benson, in his new LP ‘I’m A Simple Man,’ trespasses all borders on honesty and authenticity and invites the world to recall their moments of laughter, joy, and even crying to feel these emotions again through his songs.

As the album progresses, his mesmerizing voice is exemplified by the melodic compositions present in the album through and through. ‘I’m A Simple Man’ is a rich and inward-facing staple in Benson’s tremendous discography.

Benson’s artistic longevity spans over 5 decades. When an artist can progress towards a fascinating spectacle of artistry consistently, making an album like ‘‘I’m A Simple Man’ ’ only comes naturally to them.

The production carries a roaming spirit so electrifying, the listener is compelled to reel in for another listen. The songs’ verses are not only well made on their own but cohesively make the album easily become a favorite.

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Robby Benson is an artist persistent in pushing his 5-decade career in the arts to newfound heights in the industry landscape.

In the 70’s, Benson was signed by Clive David, first under Bell and then Arista. When his film career kick-started, he began writing scores and songs for feature films. He is also an American writer, director, composer, lyricist, actor, professor of film and a novelist. He began his career in theatre and even wrote the libretto along with composing music for musicals that opened in New York City.

His work notes his best-selling novel, “Who Stole the Funny?” (HarperCollins), along with the medical memoir, “I’m Not Dead… Yet”. Benson was nominated for a Golden Globe (one of several) for his second film, “Jeremy” which also won an award at the Cannes Film Festival. He has a wonderful fanbase and remains devoted to those who listen to him. His wish is simple: for those entrusted to hear his music to handle it with integrity.


Robby Benson
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