Trevor AKA English: The Globetrotting Reggae Man

trevor-aka-english-reviewTrevor AKA English is an artist from London who relocated to LA to make reggae music. Now that’s something. “I Don’t Need A Reason” is a mid-tempo song that takes reggae and R&B and blends them into a song you’d hear during the summer. It’s got a beach vibe to it. “To Her With Love” starts with this Boyz II Men like talking part that sets a sensual mood. Then that fades and a more light beat comes in and English recounts his history with the subject of the love; his love interest. When you get to “Masquerade” you’ve gotten a good grip on English’s style and expect what this song dishes; love with a Rasta feel. Capping this off is “What Goes Around.” This is probably the coolest due to it having this more political aspect to it rather than love. This is what I tend to lean towards more when it comes to reggae. If you like Rasta and a bit of soul, check out Trevor AKA English. (