Treybo Dazzles With His Vocals

Treybo Dazzles With His VocalsTreybo is a talented young man who deserves to hop off the YouTube pages and into your stereos. “Just Tryin’ To Make It Out” should be on your radios like yesterday. There’s no questioning the vocal abilities of this young man. His voice is smooth and sweet, if it were a desert it’d be hot chocolate. “You Just Need My Love” is obviously a love song, and it’s a good one that makes you swoon. Even the lonely will feel the compassion in Treybo’s delivery. It’s appropriate that Treybo covered Ne-Yo’s “Do You” because that’s who you could compare him to. The same goes with Trey Songz as he covers “Love Lost” as well. Between the two, “Love Lost” is the stronger one. He also takes on Jazmine Sullivan’s “Holding You Down” and Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.” They were good, but Trey Songz, more Songz. If you’re into heartfelt R&B, check out Treybo. (