Kraig Kilby and His Jazz Fusion

Kraig Kilby and His Jazz FusionKraig Kilby is a music man who takes the world of Jazz and fuses it with a modern twist, but remains true to the style by not overdoing any one element. The piano sings, the brass is strong — Kraig Kilby does everything he can to make his album “Satori” one to remember. “Incantation” sounds like the music you’d hear in an 80’s movie scenario set in a high rise building; ready for business. That decade continues to stand strong as you get into “Sometime Soon” as well “Ketchee,” which was a little seductive at times. It wasn’t always like that though, “Musing” was this delightful piano piece destined for a starlit ballroom. “Satori” and “Strawberry Point have some brass elements to them make them a little different from the rest. If you’re into instrumental Jazz, check out Kraig Kilby. (