Angela Oliver and Her Angelic Delight

Angela Oliver and Her Angelic DelightAngela Oliver lives her life for the Lord and showcases that on her album “The Lamp, The Light, The Word.” “Cadillac Christian” is an upbeat song that you’d likely hear on a children’s Sunday morning program. It’s a fun song to sing along to. That song was done from a male’s perspective, but an angelic voice takes over on “Go Go Go.” The man is back for “Good Morning,” and can be seen as better than a cup of coffee. It’s just such a positive song, you can’t be mad at it. So there seems to be this back and forth between female and male vocals leading. “Changes Made” is more serious like “Go Go Go” and is done with that heavenly style. The male songs are more happy-go-lucky. If you’re the kind of guy or gal who likes to engulf their selves in wholesome Christian music, check out Angela Oliver’s “The Lamp, The Light, The Word.” (