Victor Maxwell Releases New Christmas Single, “Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me”

You need to check out this promising new single by Victor Leon Maxwell.

Montreal, Quebec Canada – December 15, 2020 – With Christmas around the corner, it is with great joy that pop artist Victor Maxwell announces his new Christmas song, “Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me.” He was recognized as a pop artist for years, but this new release delves deeper into the classic Christmas.

The idea behind this song is to create a joyous and uplifting atmosphere in every household around Christmas. This song is meant for everyone, from little children to their parents. The artist has made sure that the spirit of Christmas is not lost on anyone with this song.

“Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me” is about two siblings who anticipate Christmas every year as all children do. They have tried very hard to be nice all year and expect Santa to shower them with presents now!

The song touches the music styles of Aretha Franklin and Elvis. However, as an artist who also loves big band music added a flavour of smooth jazz into the mix. The song is straightforward on the ears and is perfect for this Holiday season. Children, along with their parents, can comfortably sing it too.

Originally the song was only 2 minutes long. However, Victor Maxwell changed up the entire arrangement after production to make it a little longer. The track now stands at a respectable 3 minutes 34 seconds long! This was only possible because of the considerable skills the artist possesses. Victor Maxwell handles the writing, composing, background vocals, recording engineer, audio editing, and mixing engineer, to the final mixing of the track all by himself.

The song comes out on the 15th of December 2020 and is much anticipated by families. However, stay tuned to Victor Maxwell after this. He wishes to release a new full album titled “Liberation” very soon!

Be sure to tune in to his new Christmas release, “Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me,” on December 15. It releases all major music streaming platforms Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and many more.




Victor Maxwell is traditionally a talented Indie artist from Canada. An active mind, he works on various projects, and gladly volunteers his time to help others. After successfully creating his music studio, he also shares advice with other indie artists, as well as indie directors, in the industry. Growing up, he always felt inspired by artists like Aretha Franklin, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Prince, Björk, and James Morrison. While he is inspired by the positive energy of these artists, a river of creative energy of words, music, and melodies, embodies each signature track. Victor has always had a keen imagination, and a distinct musical soul. He evolved from writing poems and short stories to ultimately the lyrics to his songs. Victor then trained his voice at Jam Vocal School under the guidance of Jennifer Meade. He is proud to announce that he will soon release his first full studio album. Watch out for “Liberation” by Victor Maxwell soon!



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