Kevin AKA K-Rock Writes The Words We Sing

Kevin AKA K-Rock Writes The Words We SingKevin AKA K-Rock is a lyricist who who’s been to hell and back and now finds solace in placing his words in the hands of very talented artists who range in style. “Your Stupidity Made Me Rich” features a soulful female singer. The song itself would be likely heard on AC radio thanks to its strong vocals but light music. “Jesus Met Me in Tennessee” is a pure of heart country song sung by a man with a twang in his delivery. That female seems to be back with “My Imagination Dreamed of You.” It tricks you though because it sounds like a country tune when it starts. “From Malibu, I Will Send for You” changes things up and gives us a more AC rock track that tells a different kind of love song. If you like music that’s built around well-crafted lyrics then check out Kevin A.K.A. (K-Rock). (