Apostle LaJaye’ Britt Croons for the Lord

Apostle LaJaye’ Britt Croons for the LordApostle LaJaye’ Britt is DC born; New Jersey bred but now resides in North Carolina. There he takes his influences of good old fashioned soul and infuses it into something new. “Stand Up” is a smooth R&B song that glides from the speakers to listeners in one clean swoop. LaJaye’ Britt’s vocals are like butter as he advises throughout this mid-tempo track. “Do What I Do” sounds like a whole ensemble but it’s only Britt. It is also a modern take on gospel as well. Those who are fans of the Lord but also soulful music will want to take some time out of their day to check out and appreciate Apostle LaJaye’ Britt. (https://artistecard.com/lbmusic)