True Grit with Shaun Fischer

Shaun Fischer ReviewCanada is known for maple leaves, hockey, being super polite and hopefully soon – Shaun Fischer. “Mr. Alien” has this subtle rock vibe to it. The vocals are very gritty but the music isn’t that overbearing. It has rock elements but doesn’t overpower you. That grit continues on, but this time with the music in “Your Caught Pants Down.” The words come slow, but the music keeps you into it. With “The Truth,” the music and vocals sync up perfectly. Neither outshines the other and they work together to bring a well-rounded track to the listeners. You finally get into the groove of what to expect from Shaun Fischer once “Up And Away” rolls out. It’s this dirty rock that has a bit of ’90s alternative mixed in. If you’re a fan of gritty alternative music then you have to do yourself a favor and check out what Shaun Fischer has cooking up today. (