Inward Reflection on the Vulnerabilities of Life through Pop Rhythms: LGBTQ Artist Elliot Wren Unveils New Single

With their captivating Indie and Pop mixes, out-and-proud artist, Elliot Wren explores personal struggles and bares vulnerabilities in new single, “Time Bomb”

Boston, MA — January, 31st, 2021 – A gripping and absorbing new offering in the realm of Pop and Indie, Elliot Wren’s latest single encompasses a magnetic blend of empowering and engaging lyricism, rooted within the artist’s own personal narratives.

With compelling songwriting, Elliot Wren unveils for listeners their vulnerable side of life, delving deep into issues of anxiety, inter-personal relationships, and breakdowns. Titled, “Time Bomb”, the new release represents Wren’s state of mind, while on the verge of a meltdown.

“Time Bomb” presents the first time that Elliot Wren shares their own intimate and personal experiences and struggles, creating for themself a deeply cathartic and reflective experience. Having released on December 17th, 2021, the new single was written by Elliot Wren, and music was co-written by Bradley Young @BKY Music, who also managed production.

With their newest release, Elliot Wren hopes that others will be able to relate to their soulful lyrics and that the song will hold personal meaning for listeners, as it does for the artist. Distinctly redolent of 80’s and 90’s Pop and Rock, the artist’s vibe exudes strong influences of Taylor Swift, and early works of Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus.

Their debut album is currently in the works, and “Time Bomb” features just a tease from the palette of skills the artist harbors. With their freshman and sophomore singles, “RIP My Diary” and “Good Luck” being met with positive reception for raw lyrical style and expression, Elliot now plans to release a series of EPs and concept album.

Driven by a hope to perform one day at Boston Pride, Elliot continues to hone their skills, currently working with BKY Music’s award-winning producer, Brad Young. The eclectic artist are currently looking forward to the release of their album in early 2022, excited to share with their fans new music that takes fans on an emotional voyage.

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Elliot Wren is a rising, dynamic name in the world of Pop and Indie, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. The talented artist has been writing for over ten years, with their biggest influences being Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Avril Lavigne, Melanie Martinez, Miley Cyrus and Alexi Blue.

At 20 years of age, the young artist has already established themselves as a respected independent artist in Boston, performing with other local artists and organizing singer-songwriter events. In 2019, Elliot Wren performed in over 40 tour stops with the All You Got Tour for performers, Artists On The Move, and performed at Celebration, FL Christmas Concert, and First Night Boston.

Being a non-binary artist, Elliot’s central goal is to prove to LGBTQ+ artists, artists with disabilities and other artists who face hardships in day to day life that anyone can pursue music as a profession and find happiness in their craft.


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