DMORR Unveils the Release of His New Album, ‘The Black Experience Vol I’

Look Out for DMORR’s Album for Jazz and R&B Tunes

Cleveland, Ohio – January 31, 2021 – Duane Morris or DMORR grew up with a family that lived and breathed jazz. Ever since watching his father play as a jazz percussionist, Duane developed a desire to play and write jazz and funky music. As of now, the artist has written 500 songs that range in all music styles.

‘The Black Experience Vol I’ album is DMORR’s upcoming album releasing on February 8, 2021. It is the artist’s depiction of the struggles that the Black minority community experiences on a daily basis. The album consists of R&B ballads with layered melodies that end with a smooth and funky release. Duane collaborated with daughter and talented vocal arranger, Layla Alexandra, Justin Erkins on soprano sax, and Debbie Charity with silky smooth vocals with a special smooth arrangement of the famed jazz cover “Misty”.  You will not be disappointed with this arrangement no matter your musical taste.

Lovers of funk town grooves, Caribbean, and smooth jazz will be captivated by ‘The Black Experience Vol I.’ The overall vibe of the songs is soothing and upbeat despite the profound message it is trying to convey. With this album, DMORR hopes to put himself on the map as a versatile jazz & r&b musician and songwriter.

Check out DMORR on his website for the purchase of his new album, ‘The Black Experience Vol I.’ Listeners can also download and stream the album on all major music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.




Duane Morris, better known as DMORR, is a prolific trumpet player, songwriter and producer. The artist dabbles in jazz, funk, and R&B music to bring a fresh sound that is filled with positive lyrics to uplift the spirits of listeners. He has played with the likes of Chris Gray & the Love Center District Choir, and various jazz groups, such as GUMBO and Vince Robinson Jazz.  He was as a part of various groups and over two decades as a church musician playing trumpet and bass guitar.  DMORR has been part of opening acts for national artists like John P. Key, Donnie McClurkin, and Vickie Winans.




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