Tutu D Releases New Album

New Album From Tutu D Available To Stream Now!

Houston, Texas – Unity, peace, and healing are hard to come by in times like ours. However, there are always people promoting and doing their best to achieve what they believe in. Tutu D is one such musician, composer, and singer/songwriter who has been promoting the message of unity, healing, and world peace.

Tutu D or Thotho Ditshwane has been promoting his message for a long time coming. On top of being an accomplished singer, composer, and musician, he founded the organization Sechaba. The organization was set up to promote the message Tutu D pours his heart and soul in to. The dedication and enthusiasm of Tutu D can’t be ignored and is something that makes him special and sets him apart from the others.

Apart from the organization, Tutu D is an accomplished artist who has toured internationally, spreading his message of love and unity. His new album reflects this message and his core values and inspires a generation of healing.

Tutu D has been an accomplished artist for some time now. Any of his performances can be found on his website. To stream his latest album, you can visit any major streaming platform! Check out the Youtube video and Tutu D’s other works!





Tutu D or Thotho Ditshwane is a musician, composer, and singer-songwriter. He uses his platform and music as a way to spread the message of unity, healing, and world peace. Along with his music, Tutu D has founded organizations like Sechaba, which have collaborated with organizations such as Texas Alliance for Education and Arts.




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