Unearthing a Refreshing New Face of Hip Hop: Elli Brings Positive Vibes with Hit New Single

A dynamic and fresh new soundscape ushers listeners with eclectic artist, Elii’s stunning new drop, “New Love”

Chicago, Illinois — April 16th  , 2022 – Underscoring the value of love, gratitude, and just embracing God’s love, Pop and Rap singer-songwriter Elii is set to mesmerize once again with a new release. Titled “New Love”, the stirring drop has been mixed and mastered by the iconic, Rae Nimeh. “New Love” is another manifestation of Elii’s mantra of preaching ‘God’s Love’ and the simplicity of that message can be found in every song he records and performs.

This song is a masterpiece of authenticity and originality, describing the new love that one needs to start over and how there is a need to embrace real opportunities in life. Out with the old and in with the new, “New Love” is a commemoration of renewed feelings, embracing one’s new heart with new love for the world and for life.

“New Love” was unveiled for listeners on April 15th, 2022, and features Danny G as a guest artist on the track, who provides an emotional verse, pushing the listener towards a gripping narrative. The artist inspires listeners by shedding light on suicide awareness, weaving together another poignant, powerful,   and emotional verse referencing his grapple with his own mental health from one of his hit releases- “November 29th”.

“I believe this song will be received by our listeners because it gets to the core of life which is [that] life is full of second chances and embracing love is a choice, eventually that you must choose to grow,” says Elii regarding his magnetizing musical compositions.

With the new release Elii hopes to compel the listener to simply feel and express out loud what is true a feeling of love; connecting with the listener on a whole new profound level, through the expression of energetic and positive feelings.

Listen to the brand new song “New Love” by budding multi-genre artist Elii and Danny G and stream the artist’s refreshing tracks on his official music platforms. Follow Elii on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube or TikTok to get updates on new releases, and contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




McGinn, better known by his artist alter ego Elii, is a Chicago-based solo singer songwriter and rapper, who is swiftly rising ranks to become a prominent multi-genre figure. Characteristic to Elii are his uniquely haunting choruses, and versatile song writing and rhythmic compositions. The accomplished rapper-singer, Elii has had a splendid 4 years in the industry, and has already unveiled two studio albums and produces scintillating pop music that is both melodic and spiritually transformative.

While the artist’s roots were in Hip Hop, Elii today continues to use rich elements of Rock, Pop and Soul as well as dance themes with his cadence as a gifted singer. . The artist’s musical journey began with the drop of his first single,  ‘DEEP INSIDE’, off of his debut album ‘Prophet Logic’. His first album, ‘Prophet Logic’ was released in 2017, with the single, “THIS FEELING” reaching the Semi-Finals of the 2018 UNSIGNED ONLY COMPETITION- the second year in a row to achieve that honor.

Elii remains strong in his conviction of spreading a positive godly message with his work and only desires to make music that reflects the love he cherishes and knows. Elii attributes his success to his philosophy of ‘Pure Love All I Need’ or P.L.A.I.N brand.


Name: Elii
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