Unearthing the Honest Truths and Realities through Melodic Hip Hop- HOBO Set to Dominate Global Airwaves with New Single

A truly unstoppable force, Rap singer-songwriter HOBO is capturing audiences with consciously curated West Coast Rap single- “The City By the Sea”

Long Beach, CA — Conquering new fields each day, Rap and Hip Hop artist HOBO is on his way to the top. Driven to perform at the biggest stages of the world, the dynamic artist remains motivated to work hard and build a memorable presence in the industry.

A talent unlike any other, HOBO is confidently approaching bigger stages than before. He is a passionate hard worker who never gives up and remains inspired by a tenacious and persistent mindset. Having dropped his newest single, “City by the Sea (Remix)” on August 26th, 2022, Swamp House Music’s fantastic artist displays an inimitable charm.

Alongside featuring artist Winfree, singer-songwriter HOBO infectiously spins rhythmic blends that are rooted within his own personal experiences. “City by the Sea (Remix)” has been produced by G-Black and presents a stirring image of HOBO’s many moving and compelling life experiences.

“I believe in peace, oneness, critical thinking, and emotional control. My inspiration is my life lessons. I plan to quit my job and run a successful record label,” says the artist regarding his music and plans.

HOBO is a storyteller above all else and his music comes straight from the heart. Turning pain into purpose that endears him to listeners, HOBO’s music focuses on his truth, as he seeks to create positive change in the lives of his listeners.

A fierce talent, HOBO has already begun his journey towards becoming a renowned name with the release of singles such as: “City by the Sea (mastered)”, “Game by the Bundles”, “Gfunkologist”, “The Great Hip Hop Depression”, and “City by the Sea Remix”.

HOBO has garnered steady traction firmly cementing him at the forefront of the new era of Hip-Hop. He is also the founder of Swamp House Music, a record label that aims to provide a platform for West Coast artists to share their stories and talents with the world.

As an independent artist few things are more important than your drive to succeed and HOBO is an unstoppable force who has it in abundance.

Visit his official website: swamphousemusic.com and check out his new single which is now available on all music streaming platforms!



HOBO, is a seasoned rapper and vocalist who has been setting the world alight with his new age lyrical dexterity and hard hitting bars. HOBO stands for Honorable Outspoken Black Overlord, a title that he wears with pride as he teaches life lessons through his music. Born Travis Scott in Long Beach, California, HOBO is a charismatic rapper who conjures a melodic style that comes across as very real, but also witty with nuances of nostalgia sprinkled throughout his music.

The rapper got his start professionally after being introduced to music by his childhood friend. This would prove to be the turning point for HOBO as it enabled him to overcome the clutches of a crime filled environment. Inspired by the talents of Gil Scott, Marvin Gaye, 2pac and Curtis Mayfield among many others HOBO has a cadence and flow that is West Coast inspired and reminiscent of yesteryear but also has the versatility to stand out as a leader in the new school of Hip Hop.


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