Unique and Magnetizing Instrumentation Bringing an Authentic Hard Rock Experience: 1970s Horn Band The Gringos Unveil Dynamic New Single

An enlivening Texas shuffle, which blends soul-stirring vocals and rhythmic tunes, The Gringo’s latest new single, “Wild Man” is set to make a roar.

Los Angeles, California-21st September 2021- A high-energy band hailing from Scottsdale in Arizona, The Gringos bring to Hard Rock a dynamic and mesmerizing new appeal. With the release of their new track, “Wild Man”, the talented artists focus on the raw and burning authenticity of life, dealing with the complexities of life on the road and the different encounters bands have with groupies.

Having released on September 21, 2021, “Wild Man” echoes a classic 1970’s Horn Band allure, entwined with memorable instrumentation and rhythms, and is available on all streaming and download platforms.

“Wild Man” presents listeners a high-energy, lively Texas shuffle written by the band’s guitarist and lead vocalist Joe. Joe’s vocals and stimulating guitar work wonders giving “Wild Man” a rich and catchy groove that is bound to make listeners forget their inhibitions and get moving and grooving to the tunes.

A seasoned collective in the world of Hard Rock, The Gringos began in the early 1960’s as a “Tijuana Brass” sound alike band eventually growing and morphing into a “Blood Sweat & Tears”, Chicago-style horn band, before eventually parting ways.

However, owing to the splendor of the internet, The Gringos have managed to begin recording again and recently released two new singles, titled “See the Light” and “Blues Boy King”, with “Wild Man” gracing their discography in Fall of 2021. Recouping after a break, The Gringos latest offering is being released on the band’s own independent label, Leer Records and under the purview of the band’s newly formed publishing company Pack O’ Weddels Publishing.

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A force to be reckoned with in the world of Hard Rock, The Gringos began as a band in the 1960s, continually growing and evolving their identity with experience and time. At the onset, the band involved the brassy arrangements of leader Jim Miller and lead singer Donna Byrd fronting the band. The Gringo’s first release was an independently produced and released album before they were signed to the UA (United Artists) label and their production was overseen by Snuff Garrett and Steven Dorf.

However, after learning that the UA label had been sold at the time of the release of their album and instead of getting general air play, the album was sent straight to the “Cut Out” bin in record stores, The Gringos decided to take the reins.

In January 1980, after nearly 10 years performing together as a group, the band decided it was time to step away from the industry for good with half the members staying in the New England area, and the other half moving back to Arizona.

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