Upcoming Artist, JAYWOODS, Drops New Single “freedom”

Upcoming Artist, JAYWOODS, Drops New Single “freedom”

Johnson City, Tennessee — Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 — A brand-new artist has risen up to the scene under the pseudonym JAYWOODS.  After releasing his first single titled “freedom,” this high school senior has shown just what he can bring to the table.

With new artists coming and going as the music industry changes, listeners seek steady artists who carry potential.  With no help from studios or engineers, JAYWOODS claims all his work is done solo, and from his bedroom in Tennessee.  As he grows and learns with music, his potential should grow stronger; his work, such as his first single “freedom,” can be found on almost any music platform.

“All my work is done from my bedroom,” JAYWOODS has previously said, “and I just hope people can see the work I put into my music.”  He has gained a slight amount of publicity in his home town and school-region.  “A lot of people hate on me and my music, but then again I have some die hard fans who will continue to support me through it all. I’ve gone through many stages of my music and my song ‘freedom’ is definitely my best work yet.”

With “freedom” steady growing in streams on services like Spotify and SoundCloud, JAYWOODS is looking ahead and planning his music career.  Being only a senior in high school, there is much room for growth and plenty of time for him to master his craft.  As his publicity grows and listeners gather, there is more to come with this brand new artist.

Listen to “freedom” by JAYWOODS here: https://ampl.ink/8oQqD





JAYWOODS is a 17-year-old solo artist from Tennessee who records all his music himself.




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