Upstate New York Heavyweight Drops Vigilante With An All Star Cast Of Production And Features

Upstate New York Heavyweight Drops Vigilante With An All Star Cast Of Production And Features

Albany, New York — Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 — Xkwisit releases Vigilante featuring production from Vanderslice, Johnny Slash, Jack Of All Trades, PJ Katz, Ab The Audicrat, Alfastar and Emcee Graffiti.  This 12 song LP features Gilbert Gottfried and a cast of lyrical emcees looking to bring the Albany, New York music scene into the spotlight.  His self titled EP “Xkwisit” debuted early in 2019 and he has four releases already recorded and planned to release in 2020 (Fat DiCaprio LP, Axl Rosé EP with Ab The Audicrat, Dynamic Duos with C Rayz Walz, Audigraff with Emcee Graffiti and Ab The Audicrat.

This album was released 10/31/19 and is available digitally through iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube, and many other platforms and social media sites.  Hard copies can be purchased through Xkwisit directly on his Instagram account @xkwisitmc.  Vigilante plays through as a solid album front to back as tempo and mood changes flow from one song to another.  Xkwisit talks about real life, being offended by fake M.C.s and has comedic elements, happiness, sadness, and anger.  He has come to avenge the recent state of hip hop with hardcore beats, witty punch lines and you can feel the energy through the music.  Xkwisit has been performing and recording locally for 15 years and looking to make this his debut album for the world to hear.

“There’s nothing exquisite about it.  It’s total crap.” – Gilbert Gottfried “Kind Words From Gilbert”

“Yup, I am the danger.  Might toss a hand grenade to a random stranger.”  -Xkwisit on “The Danger”

“Nichola Tesla, Elon Musk.  For humanity’s sake we go beyond trust.”  -Xkwisit on “Lasers”

“Plan the blueprint when I take the band and loop it, with music.. I’m Stanley Kubrick with camera movements” -Xkwisit on “I Heard You Paint Houses”

Xkwisit drops Vigilante featuring heavyweight production.

You can find the new album wherever you stream music.  Visit his instagram page @xkwisitmc to get in touch!





Xkwisit grew up in Albany, NY where he learned to freestyle, battle anyone willing and started recording.  He went to college for Music and recieved a degree from Empire State College in “Music Industry”.  As a father of two and construction worker, he is prepared to make music his career.  You will commonly find him at local open mics, pop up shows and concerts.  Performing is his major selling point and uses live shows to engage new fans and network with artists.  He has a vision to open his own venue someday where he will showcase hip hop as the main market.



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