Desmond The Songwriter Drops Major Inspo With “Rise Up”

Desmond The Songwriter Drops Major Inspo With “Rise Up”

New Album Out April 2020


Bronx, New York – November 20, 2019 – Life doesn’t always go as planned. That’s a sentiment most people can say without a doubt, but when times are tough people like Desmond the Songwriter know the importance of moving forward or rather, rising to the occasion. Which is why his new single, “Rise Up,” is a wonderful push towards bettering one’s current state.

“Rise Up” has a flow that harkens back to the laidback ways of the ’70s, but the arrangement in the music paired with Desmond the Songwriter’s lyrical magic makes for a timeless Reggae experience. The lead single from his upcoming release, “Rise Up” sets the bar high for what’s to come from ‘Happiness is Priceless.” Fans can expect nine more tracks to go along with “Rise Up” when Desmond the Songwriter’s new album drops in April 2020.

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Desmond the Songwriter delivers pure inspiration with his new single, “Rise Up,” from his upcoming 2020 release, ‘Happiness is Priceless.’

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