Valerie Fahren – Say You Love Me

Valerie Fahren – Say You Love Me


As a seasoned Artist Development and Vocal coach, Valarie Fehren has helped a long list of artists succeed for the last two decades, and there is a lot behind that. Fahren is also a singer-songwriter in her own right, with a new single; “Say You Love Me” which showcases her own talents as she continues to grow herself as an artist and music business professional. Fahren has worked with an assortment of artists and stars over the years, such as Edgar Winter, Neil Diamond, Juliette Lewis, and award-winning songwriter-producer Andre Lindal. And her clients have performed with such artists as Chaka Khan, Jessica Simpson and Beck.


This is a song containing what popular music is all about, with lyrics to back it up all the way. You instantly find that out because the first two verses get you hooked on the relationship it is about, and then the huge chorus grabs you, never letting go. You don’t even have-to get through the whole track once to decide it’s enormously satisfying. She’s a great singer in every sense of the word, and this is a track with all the hit potential the world has to offer.

It should serve to put her on the map with today’s contemporaries, including Adele and others. It’s a very soulful track with a powerful punch and some understated piano. The texture the piano provides is done with pure taste, leaving all the room in the world for her voice to shine while the rest is essentially modern-pop orchestrated with precision hand-claps in the breaks. This is all just the right stuff to spotlight her undeniably awesome voice. You just can’t say anything bad about it, it’s like Fahren has been there all this time but you’ve just never heard her, which is really the case but now she will be heard. This is a chart-ready effort I’ve heard any in the last two decades. It sounds as well-crafted as something that takes years in the making, but it’s actually-fresh and current.

Possessing the skills set she does, it’s not hard to figure out that Fahren can most likely write a great song with one hand tied behind her back. Her vocals are big, the production is first rate and everything else about this single checks-out on the high end of the musical spectrum. But there’s much more to Fahren and it shows all over the song as it draws you into her and piques the curiosity to find out more about her.

The piano starts the track out before she quickly begins to sing and it’s pretty much over within seconds while the groove comes on strong and then you’re captivated for the duration.

As far as what the song is all about goes, well love is the word, but it must be meant, rather than just said. It’s a matter of showing instead of telling, and it’s her experience to tell like no other. These socio-political subjects are not only what a great song can exemplify, it’s an ongoing culture and Fahren fits right in by coming along at the right time, and timing is everything. This is a strong effort to stand out with her peers, and it comes recommended for an award worthy accomplishment that isn’t found every day. “Say You Love Me” well prepares the world for a full-length album of Valarie Fahren’s songs in the future.



Mike Tabor