Versatile Rap Artist Releases Hot New Single

Looks like it is time for a playlist upgrade with artist Yung Tae’s music

From Monessen, Pennsylvania – April , 2021 – Artist Yung Tae is all set to release a new Mixtape on the 30th of this month, with plenty of musical talent packed in it. Titled “Back In Mode,” Yung Tae has produced the track in collaboration with Tommy Cole, Jbrown, YT and D1MediaGroup . Audiences, especially those who will be listening to his music for the first time, can expect to be pleasantly surprised.

The up-and-coming artist is dedicated to creating music that takes the listener on an exciting journey. With the potential to surprise, subvert, and still make one feel good, audiences can expect to feel inspired after listening to Yung Tae’s compositions. The artist’s music will get one pumped enough to get out, take decisive action, and do something with one’s life.

When it comes to Yung Tae’s music style, the artist particularly stands out for several reasons. The chief reason here being the variety of styles he brings to the listener’s playlist. The new artist does not believe in conformity, and his music reflects this belief – one minute, the song will be trap music, the next moment, it will beautifully transition into a love song. Smooth and seamless transitions from down south beat to midwest flow are characteristic of Yung Tae’s music.

Yung Tae draws motivation to create his music from his family. His son, in particular, drives him to give his best to his craft; in doing so, the artist wishes to give his son a better life while pursuing his passions. The singer, songwriter is also a staunch believer in purpose. The underlying philosophy of God and that everything happens for a reason direct his broader life decisions.

Coming back to the artist’s music, Yung Tae attributes his inspiration to 2pac, 50 cent, and Chicago drill music. With several tracks already released and stocked in his music repertoire, this artist is all set to become a solid keep in anyone’s playlist. All of the artist’s music, including his recent release “Anakonda,” can be found here. With several popular tracks already having been released, Yung Tae is well towards establishing a solid career in the industry – which is also one of the long-term goals of the artist.





Yung Tae has always been inclined towards creating music. Ever since he was young, the artist has been making music . However, recently, he has become serious about putting in the effort to cultivate his music career. By giving his best, Yung Tae is positive that his music will reach far and wide. To find more about the artist, please feel free to connect with him on Instagram at yungtae_100.



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