Victorious Marcus Presents Perfect Pop With ‘Adversity To Triumph’ 

New EP Out Now 


Los Angeles, California – February 28, 2020 – Something is clearly in the water in Houston, or at least running through the fountains of Welch Middle School because that’s not only where Beyonce went, but also the thespian turned pop sensation Victorious Marcus spent his youth. Today he’s all grown up and taking the music world by storm with his 2020 EP, ‘Adversity To Triumph.’ 

‘Adversity To Triumph’ is out now on Universal Music Group/Global Music Group/Worldwide Music Group and features a half dozen tracks that invigorate the senses from start to finish. From the press of play, listeners will hear Victorious Marcus bring it as he takes them on an audible journey with “False Stereotypes,” “Challenges,” and more. Along the way hear dynamic collaborations with the likes of David Mason as well as Deante Bryant. His EP has already made enough waves to land him a promo spot recently on Fox Sports. 

Again, on top of being pop’s next big name, Victorious Marcus is also an actor whose most recent credit includes working alongside Jennifer Garner and Grammy-winner H.E.R.

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The award-winning, multi-talented pop singer delivers stunning performances on his latest EP, ‘Adversity To Triumph.’

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