Virtual Cloudland Pioneers a New Kind of Musical Creation Using Existing Technology

New Single “Delish” Out Now 


Fort Worth, Texas – January 16, 2020 – Virtual Cloudland spent years tinkering with existing technology to deliver this debut, ‘Imaginary Crisis,’ and their first single, “Delish.”

The band the brainchild of Sarah Sisson, a professional Texas-based singer/bass player/composer known also for her inspirational poetry and can bring about emotions among others. By her side in this venture is Paul Layamon (drums/keyboard) and Alan Cox (guitar). Together their varied styles find a cohesive home in Virtual Cloudland.

While Sisson and the rest of Virtual Cloudland can handle any style thrown their way, “Delish” represents their hardcore, punk side of life. With an edge, this song sets the bar and represents the years of trial and error Virtual Cloudland has gone through to develop their signature, new kind of sound.

“We are happy to introduce a pioneering form of music creation. We are real musicians in separate studios. You might think that this phenomenal way of recording music might have been tried in the past. I have since heard that there may be others. We still consider ourselves to be pioneers of this process and are proud of it.” – Sarah Sisson

“Delish” is available now here:

Unafraid to take chances and go the extra mile, Virtual Cloudland is working on new plains compared to their peers. Those interested in adding new music to their playlists, reviewing ‘Imaginary Crisis,’ or interviewing Virtual Cloudland can reach out via the information provided below.

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Virtual Cloudland crafted a new kind of sound with existing tech to deliver their new album, ‘Imaginary Crisis.’ Fans can hear what it’s all about via their debut single, “Delish.”

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