Weaving Connections to Hometowns and Kindred Spirits: Keith A. Getchell Amazes with Debut Single

Driven to capture rich and sensory emotions through the authenticity of R&B and Pop, rising artist Keith A. Getchell narrates a touching and captivating tale in his stunning debut single, “Send Your River”.

Happy Valley, Oregon – July 10th, 2021 – With One Old Song to narrate his burning story, Keith A. Getchell is driven to stun listeners with his one and only foray into the music world. With his refreshing new single, aptly titled “Send Your River”, the eclectic artist encapsulates the true spirit of R&B and Pop music.

Having been released on June 4th, 2021, “Send Your River” was produced by Sundown Sessions Studio and carries with itself a breathtaking and dreamy vibe to encompass its listeners seamlessly. With rich and sensory undertones, the single’s arrangement and chorus invokes listeners to feel washed by gentle waves, immersed in tranquility and peace.

A moving and memorable single, “Send Your River” came to be after years of inspiration and life’s twists and turns.  Beginning in January 2000, Keith commuted daily by train from Boring to Portland, Oregon to attend college.  He got inspired by the sheer beauty of the Willamette River and the backdrop of downtown Portland. Adamant to endow the city with an anthem, he came up with the buzzing single “The Portland Three-Step”, which later morphed into its current incarnation: “Send Your River”.

In this alteration, Keith’s stirring single shifted focus from the city to the protagonist, with whom he personally relates and connects to- having grown up struggling with his sexual orientation in a Baptist family in the rural setting of Boring.

“This is the first song I’ve written. This is the last song I will write… I sometimes describe this song as the one Dorothy would have sung after returning from Oz. ‘Send Your River’ is the epilogue to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’,” says Keith regarding his debut single.

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Keith A. Getchell is a talented storyteller, who is driven to use his debut single to narrate the crucial realities of life, imbued within R&B and Pop music.

Having left home to join the US Navy in 1979, Keith struggled with his sexuality coming from a religious family.  He was unable to comprehend that he could possibly be gay. Away from home looking for love, Keith continued to face the brunt of life’s ups and downs, while also learning a lot about his own self. With his debut single, “Send Your River”, the 60-year-old wishes to deliver his thoughts to the world, making a mark in the music industry. Living his best life with the love of his family and a special man, Keith continues to grow and follow his life’s course.



Name: Keith A. Getchell
Email: [email protected]



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