“Welcome Mat” by Roger Brantley is an awesome track; it streams with smooth and calm acoustics but delivers a powerful punch with an intense message.

Shreveport, Louisiana — Saturday, October 5th, 2019 — Roger Brantley is a songwriter from Shreveport, Louisiana who has used his passion and creativity to write a song inspired by his hate for all the unnecessary violence in America.  “Welcome Mat’ has calm, smooth acoustics but packs a powerful message that will touch the hearts of all the listeners.

Disturbed by the concept that someone has to turn to violence and bloodshed because of not being satisfied with their present circumstances,  Roger has used his artistry to get his own thought-provoking message out to the public. ‘Welcome Mat’ is now available on all platforms such as Itunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Thousands have listened and enjoyed Roger’s new song. Teachers have especially appreciated the attention that this song gives towards the dangers the students and teachers face daily just by attending school. The words in this song are written without a weak link,  keeping in mind the concept of the song.  The message is captivating and compels the listener to agree with the songwriter.

Although Roger was inspired to write this song due to the violence in America, the concept can be applied to any city, state or country.  Music lovers all over the world are enjoying the well-written lyrics, beautiful acoustics and writer’s touch of emotion in ‘Welcome Mat’.

Roger hopes to touch the hearts of all his listeners with his song ‘Welcome Mat’ and to promote the concept that if a person does not agree with what’s going on around them, they do not have to use violence. This song encourages a love for one’s neighbor instead of hate.

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Roger Brantley is a songwriter and producer from Shreveport, Louisiana. People often ask about his “Overnight Success” and it always makes him laugh. He has been writing songs for 20 years, even moved to Nashville for a year to push his songs. He has had every door slammed shut but with the internet, everything changed.  People started hearing his songs and loving them. He has worked with people from California, New York, Nashville and in Shreveport. It has not been “overnight” by any means.  Roger has never craved fame and has never wanted to tour. He has always just wanted to be able to write for a music publishing company. Well, that never happened so he started going back into the studio with demos of songs he wrote and produced to master them in order to get his music out to the public. Apparently Roger Brantley made a wise decision because so many people are enjoying the music coming from this artist! To get to know Roger Brantley better you can go to his website https://RogerBrantley.Com Music Brings Us together!



Roger Brantley

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