WetStew Taking Over the World by Storm With Their Phenomenal Rock Music

Listen to WetStew’s latest New Singles and Witness How They Magically Bring Contemporary Elements Into Music

Florida, United States of America  —  WetStew, the independent original two-member band are definitely taking the world by storm. When it comes to the state of Progressive Rock today, nobody does it like them. They are synonymous for bringing in beautiful and unique elements of genres, and cannot wait to make everybody experience the same. They get their edge from combining distinctive styles, features, sounds etc.

Let your earholes have eargasms with WetStew. This duo, consisting of Paul Miller and Frank Sabat do a fantastic job of managing the instruments, arrangements, mixing, lyrics, etc. Every single track of them so far has turned out top-tier due to the relentless effort both of them bring to the table. Their feature and sound is so magnificent that it can be compared to some of the best music across the globe today.

Their music is so original and fresh that it sounds like a treat to the ears. While doing this, they also successfully employ the best elements of progressive rock. Their newest album, 5th Bump, is just a highlight of their pleasing and inventive sound that gives them an edge. Most of their tracks provide an interesting blend of unusual time signatures, improvisation, new-age inventions and unexpected elements. All of these combined make up the original and phenomenal WetStew.

Their newest album 5th Bump is performing wonderfully among listeners from around the world. This album also contains hints of blues, jazz, and progressive music that are a pleasure to the ears. The husky voices and soulful lyrics come together to make the tracks what they are. Every song has a distinctive chorus that keeps ringing within long after.

WetStew have been the finalist for the World Songwriter Awards in the category of Best Rock Song for their releases “Infected” and “Land Of The Free” They aim to get more and more listeners that appreciate original sound to listen to their tracks and feel inspired through the world of rock. Make sure to check out their website and social media to see what they are up to. You can always use email for further interviews/collaborations, etc.





Frank and Paul essentially started out this journey on a Musician’s website known as ‘Drooble.’ Soon enough, the two of them messaged one another about liking each other’s work. This led to them becoming best friends, and eventually band mates. They truly hold the potential to have their name in the list of Best Original Artists today.




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Main Website URL: https://wetstew.net/
YouTube Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8UZjF6wnrI&list=PLW6tW73cr7UlBD2_zFN-Wl4d7XO3tA_F-&index=5
YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgihgaS7fMAkBGcxvXEHa-g

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