“What If I” by GREYE

Genres have no borders where GREYE are concerned, as long as it starts and ends with their country roots, rock and anything the masses can handle, especially at their shows in the FLA and surrounding area where they show they’re not confined to any-one-type of music. That is why I like live music and going out to see local bands, even though this one is a different animal going rapidly forward with a progressive effort and aggressive pace. But that is only if you look closely into them or already know “What If I” from 2018’s Under The Weather album.

URL: https://greyemusic.com/

This track is a slight departure for GREYE with Hannah Summer stepping out front to voice a different series of general complaints in protest but very compelling and stylish fashion. Albums of the past contain songs with a lot less force behind them and it’s not that they’re of any lesser quality, it’s just a statement compared to some of them and even most of the rest of the ten tracks on Under The Weather, their best album to date in my opinion, because it has every element GREYE are reliable for and then some, for all it is worth.

I’ve heard this band dating back to their second LP and after hearing a couple more and “What If I” coming across the plate, their first one is now on the playlist along with it. You never know what a good song will lead to, but it brought me back to GREYE for more, and that’s a testament to them and their way of doing things. I was captivated by Summer’s vocal delivery from the start, but the band grows more and more with every listen as well, from the guitar and piano to the drums and bass. She is backed by a stellar ensemble that cuts through without dominating and taking away from her obvious role.

“What If I” could get the kind of traction GREYE are already good for, which includes the album Under The Weather itself  getting rotation on multiple indie and top 40 terrestrial radio-stations t the tune of 11 weeks on the Netherlands Top 40 with a number 4 position reached within only 8 weeks. With radio promoting proving to be what it is, GREYE manage to get their original music heard with ease, and no end in sight and this single can only boost them higher.

GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/music/preview/Tnzlwf6kzcsz4cgv6zqjxsjbsfe?play=1&u=0

I’m often baffled by some of the talent out there not making a name, and GREYE are helping restore a lot of lost faith in indie rock because of the same old song and dance routines which they bring something more to without contest. You don’t find this level of talent unless you look around and smell the roses, so hopefully the simplistic wonder of “What If I” provokes the beast in the industry to wake up and sense the crossover values of one of the best kept secrets around. If not, the rest of GREYE’s music should do.

Jamie Morse