Good God Father, Living on a Prayer at The Midway

Salem, OR — Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 — Stealing the stage in a fearsome frenzy, Good God Father aligns the stars to take the stage at The Midway in Salem, OR, June 1st, 2019 for an all-ages crowd, starting at 7:30 pm to put in to practice the long hours of planning spent to present a deliberate act of musical conviction. Fronted by Sean Lewis (alias, Swan Solo), and teamed by fellow musical monastics, this American rock act fuses the folksy archaic deliberation of storytelling, with the ever-progressing advent of modern music arrangements to summon out of deep sleep, giants of old with clever hooky riffs, droning and somber guitar and synth arrangements for an evening of fully stimulated senses.

Midway Music with an agenda against socks, has invited the world to join in their campaign to Rock Your Socks Off!
From their Facebook bio:
We want to bring musicians together and build a co-op and reference community of all kinds of musicians and bands. We will focus on making the local music scene come to life and building a network of businesses involving music in all forms. We will connect bands with other bands and fellow players and make a place where loud music is welcome and people can speak up.\

This will be the first time Good God Father will be taking the stage at The Midway at the behest of fellow locals, The Kronk men, who’re spacey punk infusion and bombastic flurry of guitar, bass, drums are their self-described defense mechanism. Against what is still unknown. Somehow, it can only be assumed mystically, they’ve found themselves in every single home right now, so beware.

Other artists joining the line up include instrumental surf punks, King Ghidorah, and Bubblegum Doom rockers FOX MEDICINE out of Eugene. Of the former, little is known, and around which there is much speculation. Rumor is there are still classified documents that detail the band’s ufo landing brought them here from an outer planetary system, still unknown to modern astronomers. The latter, Rock’s Roll Nurse Nee on guitar and vox + Dr. Vanny on drums aim to invigorate heavy hearts, to communicate with intergalactic creatures and beasts of teeth and hair.

Sure to be a night of eclectic and synergistic rock and roll energy playing out an exceedingly theatrical and dynamic of the best that the Central Valley of Oregon has to offer in the world of high energy musical performance. Among this cast of characters, Good God Father seeks to glue the bombastic array of glitter and wallet chains with their soaring tube driven wall of sound outlined by a vast spacial auditory illusion that is sure to reorient listeners present to see with eyes what was meant only to be heard.

Bring your friends, at cash for admission ($10 per person), and await an experience of unprecedented entertainment and astonishment.


There’s more than one way to read Good God Father. There’s only one way that reaches in all directions for a solid presentation of truth, pain, love, loss, past, and future. Dedicated to the real and raw nature of music that transcends loves lost and found, wars ended and ongoing, stories of our time, to bring everything together under a shared record of what can’t be taken away.


Good God Father
Good God Father

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