You Better Move Over Charles Anthony Is Charles In Charge.

Los Angeles, CA — No one has a problem expressing their opinion like new music artist Charles Anthony. He continues to capture an audience from the tv, in public, and his podcast with his stunning hazel eyes, handsomely attractive looks, and laid back charismatic attitude. The State Of C.A. (Charles Anthony) is his debut album selected to release on Juneteenth to make his statement to the world never to let anyone or any thing ever hold you back. This is the newest artist to keep your eyes on because he is just getting started with his world mission.

Born and raised in Ellicott City, Maryland in 1980, Charles Anthony always wanted equality for all. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 2004 eager to began a mission to end homelessness, provide adequate healthcare and rehabilitation to all, and fix declining public schools. CA continues working hard for the spotlight to use fame as an avenue to lead by example to others that those more fortunate need to help mankind and not be greedy. On June 19, 2023 all major streaming platforms begin delivering his quest to stardom with catchy lyrics from his upcoming debut album mixed with a variety of music to bump your head to.

Charles Anthony says, “I don’t care what people think about me, or hate me, because up above they are watching and taking notes. Judgement is not for you to determine when your not in control. That is up to God, so until then you better worry about karma.” Sounds like you need to listen to more of what CA has to say in his payback tributes debut album.

Tune in and catch up and listen to Charles Anthony’s latest released singles like “Journey Of Love,” “Bad B!tch,” and more on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, plus more. Prepare yourself for his first released album under his very own indie recording label CAPP LLC this Juneteenth everywhere.

Charles Anthony Presents Productions introduces you to Charles Anthony with brand new debut album set to release this summer on June 19. Welcome the new cool guy to the neighborhood.

Distribution of  The State of C.A. debut album is provided by United Masters.
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Charles Anthony is known from prime time TVs “Best Night Ever,” as well as a writer for the show. Some of his earlier works include playing himself in “The Wishmakers.” Charles Anthony has appeared on numerous MTV, VH1, E, BET, and network TV reality shows. Some of his earlier works include multiple campaign ads, modeling, singer/songwriter, activist, podcaster, radio, theater, and dance. He never takes a break. He will be releasing music for his 2023 debut album titled “The State of C.A.”


Charles Anthony
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