You Won’t Be Able To Sleep

You Won't Be Able To SleepWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

In the mood for an angry screamo rock project? Then DeadSleep is a band you might want to check out. The creative genius behind the project, Desi Pena pummels the mic with his voice and instruments, and his solos are hot enough to melt off more than your face. DeadSleep uses extensive effects on the guitars, giving them that crunchy, heavy sound. DeadSleep has a full-length recording titled Falling to Pieces. If you’re into heavy, screamo rock, then DeadSleep is for you. If you’re not into heavy, screamo rock, then maybe try opening your ears and letting in something new.

The song “Someday” is pretty dark, but it balances on a thin line as it goes back and forth from screaming to melancholic singing. The bridge is exceptional, and probably the most creative and intriguingly emotional part of the song. Desi Pena’s voice is whiny, but not in a bad way. It’s a voice that shows pain and anguish, and when he transfers to screaming, we can feel his raw rage. He doubles his voice tracks to give him a powerful, echoing sound. The guitar parts are intricate and interesting, showing a clear professionalism. Listening to “Someday” makes me want to pick up my guitar and shred, and any song that can illicit that kind of response from me is worthy in my book.

If you’re interested in learning more about DeadSleep and listening to or downloading all his music, don’t be afraid to click on the following link! Hit up the website here: