Zawles Releases New Beats For Life’s Flow

Zawles Releases New Beats For Life’s Flow

New Album And Single Will Turn it Up

Toronto, Ontario – August 4, 2020 – All the way from Canada, Zawles is brining that cool sound to listeners around the glove. His new album “The G-Flow Symphony” is ready to drop on August 5 following the release of the single “Loose Woke.”

“The G-Flow Symphony” is a mix of Zawles’ unique hip hop style with Cuban influences from his childhood. The blend of culture is present in each track and beat, showing the artist’s inspiration. The album will be available on all major music streaming platforms. “Loose Woke” has an upbeat sound mixed with raw emotional lyrics. It is gaining fast popularity on major digital platforms.

Zawles comes from a proud Cuban background where he got the nickname. Growing up in different places has inspired Zawles’ musical style. He has been making music professionally since 2008. Zawles hopes to continue to share his amazing talent with a larger audience.

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