10-Year Old Rapper Redefines Hip-Hop with Positive Tunes

Alpharetta, Georgia — In an era defined by music that glorifies violence and illicit lifestyles, a refreshing new talent has emerged in Prince Marc Jakob.  At the tender age of 10 years old, this 5th grader is challenging critics and naysayers of Hip-Hop Music by creating catchy tunes with a positive twist; from a kid’s point-of-a-view.  Setting his indelible mark in an historically controversial genre, Prince Marc Jakob, has coined his style of music with upbeat melodic releases that incorporate the innocence of youth, while simultaneously fulfilling the proverbial void of lightness and fun which served as the impetus of a type-casted cultural sound.

Despite his age, Marc Jakob’s delivery, content and on-record performances explore adult topics, while maintaining a jovial approach towards life, with titles such as “Tik-Tok”, “Never, Never” and “Hand on the Bible”.  Possessing a remarkable passion for music and entertainment, P.M.J’s inexplicable and unique candor account for his relatable content.  Addressing not only the youth with lyrics such as “No time for 2k, Fortnite got my Focus”; Marc Jakob also displays glimpses of his maturity, and intricate bravado with lyrics such as: “No Fakin’ Back from Vacation, the Seat has been taken, The King has Awakened”.

The future will not wait for what has become this bright new star’s present in the World of Rap & Hip-Hop Music, therefore, his peers ranging in tenures of 7 to 55, have not only preemptively embraced Prince Marc Jakob’s youth but his one-of-a-kind swagger and style of music.  Labeled as “The Baby Jay-z”, Jakob has garnered the attention of notable Record Label Executives, Radio Programmers & Music Directors Globally.  Currently, this talented new recording artist is an elementary student with a “Straight A” grade average, as well as a true proficiency for Computer Software and On-line Gaming.  Residing in The City of Alpharetta, Prince Marc Jakob is an impeccably popular kid, involved in various activities such as basketball, soccer, hosting podcasts, recording music and more.  Well known as a true genuine spirit and down-to-earth kid, Marc Jakob has high aspirations in life and a plan to accomplish all of his goals, intending to never be stymied by any obstacles he may face along the path

When asked how he felt about entering the public spotlight as an entertainer, Prince Marc Jakob replied; “I think it’s pretty cool, but to me I’m already famous.”  Currently, “P.M.J’s” music can be Streamed Globally on all Digital Platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and more.  You can also enjoy an exclusive experience of Prince Marc Jakob, by visiting: www.PrinceMarcJakob.com.  The road to success is paved with gold for the Music Industry’s newest budding Hip-Hop artist; Prince Marc Jakob, therefore be sure to “Follow” him on his Social Media Accounts as well, such as Instagram and Tik-Tok for a unique perspective into the journey of entertainment’s newest sensation.



Prince Marc Jakob was born Marc Jakob Lewis in Ypsilanti, Michigan on March 7, 2012. The youngest of two, he started showing a strong interest in music early. For as long as his family can remember Marc has been creating songs and raps to entertain his family and friends. Marc has always been a bright and intelligent young man.

Sunday mornings would often find Marc in church. At the tender age of three Marc would attempt to sing with the choir. Often dancing along to the music and impressing church members with his ability to repeat the chorus of the songs. Marc had his first experience in a recording studio with record producer and arranger Michael J. Powell. In 2017 when he 5 years old Marc’s family moved to Atlanta GA. Marc began to explore his other talents. He was featured in his first music video with Lil Zane. He was on the set for the movie “Flip the Script” with Jamal Woolard.

He became a knowledgeable and proficient gamer. He is also a straight “A” student. His love of music grew, and he started making his own beats. Marc began rapping in earnest in 2022. His style and attention to detail is unique for his age. With songs like “Ki to the Street”, “Never Never”, “Hand on the Bible” and “Tik-Tok”.

Prince Marc Jakob is creating lyrics that are both simplistic and realistic. He’s showing his age and intelligence while maintaining true to his youth. As a 10-year-old rapper he is clearly making his self a place in rap music. He has combined his childish sense of wonder with a realism unknown to children his age.



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