Continuing On a High – Stellar DJ and Producer Paul Allen Wright Announces New Upcoming EP “Voices”

‘Voices’ is set to become the definitive rock song of the summer of 2022

Los Angeles, California — After receiving worldwide acclaim for his latest single titled ‘I’m Walking’, Paul Allen Wright is set to release a brand new EP which he has titled ‘Voices’. The projected release date of ‘Voices’ is July 1st, 2022, and it is all set to be distributed globally. With ‘I’m Walking’ raking in rave reviews on his Soundcloud, die-hard fans of Paul Allen Wright are extremely impatient to listen to what the artist has to offer further with his new EP. His previous EP helped propel his total listens on Soundcloud to 400,000, which is an extremely impressive milestone for an up and coming DJ and producer to achieve in such a short span of time.

What makes his music unique and so passionately acclaimed universally is the fact that it successfully manages to create a feeling of wanting to get up and move within the audience. This rhythmic, almost bewitching effect is courtesy of unique and innovative instrumentals, strung together by compelling vocals and themes that resonate through each and every lyric, causing fans to not only groove, but to also relate to the music and allow it to resonate with them at its core. Whether he is dabbling in EDM or producing rock/pop songs, fans love whatever Paul Allen Wright has to offer, which is why the impatience surrounding his upcoming single is palpable. AnRFactory has interviewed and reviewed his stellar discography twice, hailing Paul Allen Wright’s discography and utter musical brilliance in golden praise. When he first started back in the late 90’s, his main inspirations were DJ Rap and Tiesto, because of whom he first fell in love with creating strong rhythmic music that made people want to get up and move.

Paul Allen Wright is seeking a label /representation that believes in him as an Artist not just for fame, he is motivated by the idea of channeling his passion and living his dream, which is to create brilliant and meaningful music that can bring people joy. He is particularly adamant on spreading awareness for ‘The Silent Angel Project’ which helps those traumatised by human trafficking. With his music, he aspires to raise awareness for these vulnerable members of our society, in hope that he can bring some positive change in their life.

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Paul Allen Wright is a USA-based indie DJ and music producer who is known throughout the world for his strong basslines and happy vibes music to get the blood circulating freely again. From EDM to Rock, Paul creates music that resonates within the soul. Every piece of music that Paul produces is a direct extension of who he is as a person, every word written comes from within. And now he is extending his musical reach globally. Check out his musical diversity on Soundcloud.


Paul Allen Wright
Name: Paul Allen Wright
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