21 year old singer and multi-instrumentalist is quickly gaining popularity

21 year old singer and multi-instrumentalist is quickly gaining popularity

Tampa, FL — Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 — Dominick Failla is a 21-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist from Tampa, FL and is quickly gaining popularity with his newest single “Fed Up” which is coming up to 5,000 streams within the month of release.

Dominick Failla is becoming Tampa’s fastest-growing artist, going from 8 monthly listens In September, to over 5,000 in December. Dominick Failla’s POP Funk style is something unique to him and is a breath of fresh air in the music world.
All music is streamable wherever you listen to music. You can also follow him on social media at Dominickfailla

“I’ve never heard anything like this before. I didn’t even know I liked funk before I heard this, now it’s my favorite genre.” – Amanda Andrews, 21

”One of the most talented and genuine musicians I’ve ever met” – Gabe Barbosa, 26

”I can do an Ollie” Dominick Failla when asked about hidden talents

Dominick Failla is working on an Upcoming highly anticipated EP that is looking at a release in the summer of 2020.

For more info or inquiries, please email Dominick Failla at [email protected]

Follow Dominick on social media at dominickfailla

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Dominick Failla is a fusion of Pop and Funk that is quickly finding success. His music uses a mix of electric guitar, keys, and a signature synth bass which give it that extra kick.



Dominick Failla

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