7LEVIN and His Musical Landscapes

7LEVIN and His Musical Landscapes7LEVIN is an artist to takes the power of sound and makes it pop. “We Own The Sky” is an instrumental song that is carried by the guitar and the atmosphere the rest of the music creates; shimmering stars with the desert as the backdrop. “Slice of Heaven” starts off sounding like a hip hop track that’s about to build up, but it just goes into this industrial meets futuristic song that’d be played during a sad part of a robotic blockbuster. “The Engineers” offers up that same vibe; industrial meets futuristic. Only this time there were no sad robots because the action seems to be escalating throughout this piece. “This Is The End” has an apocalyptic aura to it and would be perfect for a scene in “The Walking Dead,” right before the action gets too intense. 7LEVIN creates musical landscapes for his listeners to build foundations on. You’re free to interpret each song and make it mean something to you. If you’re a fan of electronic meets industrial instrumental, check out 7LEVIN. (https://soundcloud.com/7levin)