Deaon Forever Brings Sexy Back

Deaon Forever Brings Sexy BackA voice like Deaon Forever’s is a gift that needs to receipt. It sets the mood for a romantic, sexy time every time he opens his mouth. “Step ToThe Left” has a seductive set up with the intro and then get’s more romantic by the second. It’s like a modern day “Dirty Dancing” with Deaon teaching you to dance with his wonderful notes. You have to assume that sultry voice will welcome you to every song and “Pushing Inside” is no different than the previous dance lesson. I dare anyone to not be moved by the power of the vocals in this one. “On My Mind” featuring Black Widow is still R&B but picks up the pace a smidge. You have to take a minute to adjust when “Sexy” hits because it is rightfully titled. If romance and sexy times combined to make a child that could sing, then that kid would be Deaon Forever. If you’re into artists like Usher and Neyo, then you need to check out Deaon Forever, that’s an order. (