Brooke Moriber – drops “Fire” Single

Brooke Moriber – drops “Fire” Single


Brooke Moriber likely had some sense of her destiny from an early age. Even before she made her professional debut as a child playing Young Cosette in Les Miserables, it is safe to assume a love for performing dawned before then. Everything about this actress, singer, and songwriter screams out her love for a rapt audience and her clear-eyed instincts for balancing her own needs as a performer with the audience’s desires. The title cut of her debut EP, “Fire”, illustrates her talent for connection. From the first note to the last, “Fire” conveys a message of unresolved longing, a wealth of emotion, and an almost cinematic flair for song construction. “Fire”, in some respects, is a musically driven mini-movie sure to entertain many while giving listeners a clear view of the woman behind it all.

After a career in musical theater, television, and film, some might expect certain hesitancy from her on this first effort. There isn’t any. From the moment she enters “Fire”, Moriber owns the song. Her deliberate pace throughout the verses nevertheless retains real urgency clearly building towards an enormous chorus. Even if listeners sense that moment coming, they will be wowed when it arrives. Moriber’s influence on the chorus carries this from the merely memorable to the monumental. Her voice moves over the song’s changes like a beautiful bird spreading its wings in full and, while her pipes are impressive, she never overwhelms the marriage of voice and music. Instead, she pulls the song even closer to her during these refrains and it pays off with a lush interweaving of her astonishing voice and spot-on instrumentation.

The instruments that “Fire” makes the most use of are a compelling mix of electric piano lines supported by an understated keyboard wash. The electric piano, in particular, supplies “Fire” with much of its melodic force. It shows great variety as it bobs and weaves through the mix while an imaginative drum machine track gives the song an appealing tempo. One of the key attractions “Fire” will have for many listeners is how barely restrained, even in its choruses, the song sounds. As the title implies, the song comes from a place of deep desire, yet the song straddles an interesting line between explosiveness and surprising pensiveness. The drumming gives the song much of its musical impetus as it constantly feels like it could dominate the song, yet holds back just enough.

This is a spectacular debut that promises much from her debut. Fire is intended as a four song collection and it’s scarcely possible that any other song will anchor the collection as much as this confection of pure pop bliss. Brooke Moriber’s “Fire” is pop music for adults, never opting for the obvious when it can be artful, and will move hearts while capturing imaginations.


Lance Wright