A Compelling Progressive Rock Artist with Immense Experience: Presenting to the World Jimmy Fite

Through years of experience in the field of music, a bunch of outstanding tunes composed, and several under works to be released later, artist Jimmy Fite can be seen becoming the next big hit in music

Livonia, Michigan – September 10th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Jimmy Fite is a rising force in the scene of music, possessing incredible expertise in the genre of Progressive Rock. The emerging artist is well-equipped when it comes to playing around with tunes and has been doing so for quite a while now. With the release of 3 brand new singles, Jimmy is hoping for his sound to get out there and draw music enthusiasts towards him and his music.

Being passionate about music since an early age, Jimmy Fite started learning several instruments when he was a child. He would practice every day for hours and hours, becoming the artist he is today. Already having the experience he collected over years and getting inspired by his immense love for music, the dedicated artist decided to write his own music and release it for his fans around the world to enjoy. He wanted to explore himself as an artist, channeling his artistic vision and bringing it to life in the form of compelling compositions. For this purpose, Jimmy Fite wrote and released a total of 3 songs in the year of 2021 with a lot more under works for future releases. His music is recorded and mastered at Pearl Sound Studios under the direction of producer Chuck Alkazian. All of his songs – available on major music streaming/downloading platforms including Spotify – revolve around the main theme of Progressive Rock music, while being extremely unique and creative in their own respective ways. The single “Black Evening Dress” is Jimmy’s latest release this year. It is his most successful song so far with over 160k streams on Spotify.

Apart from “Black Evening Dress”, another song titled “Vengeance” was also released as a single earlier in the year 2021. “Vengeance” was Jimmy’s first ever official song released as an independent artist. It was followed by another single titled “Boom Boom Boom”, also released in 2021. All three songs have managed to garner a considerate amount of streams on Spotify, making Jimmy Fite a verified artist on the site. Releasing independent music now, the dedicated artist has been in a few bands previously. He was a part of a youth symphony orchestra when he was in High School. Later on, he joined a band named Rave and played in a few local Rock clubs when he was 18. He’s looking forward to making more music by the end of this year and hopes to start performing as a warm-up band in 2022 featuring Korean female drummer, A-Yeon.

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Jimmy Fite is a Progressive Rock artist from Michigan. He started playing the drums in the 4th grade and was a pew singer in church since he was a child. He picked up the guitar when he was 16, passionately practicing 10-12 hours daily over a period of four years.

The rising artist met a girl from the UK in December of 2020 who inspired him to write his music and share his raw self with the world. Since then, he has been writing and releasing his own songs.

Name: Jimmy Fite
Email: [email protected]

Main Website:http://jimmyfiteartist.com/
Spotify: https://lnk.to/ERO6g1k5