Exploring the Enriching and Melodic Tones and Vibrant Rhythms of Pop: Rising Act In2it Set to Soar

Exploring the Enriching and Melodic Tones and Vibrant Rhythms of Pop: Rising Act In2it Set to Soar

Led by Russ Crowley’s empowering and versatile vocals, In2it amazes listeners with the dynamic new EP titled ‘A Slice of Life’, with hopes to inspire, ignite hope, and imbue within listeners a passion for love.

Buffalo, New York- September 10th, 2021- An innovative and inspiring force in the world of music, In2it showcases a uniquely magnetizing musical spirit, led by melodic tunes and varied Pop styles.

Having worked incredibly hard to put In2it at a prestigious place, The newest EP titled ‘A Slice of Life’ offers a unique musical perspective, rooted in sensory songwriting. Released on August 13th, 2021, the album is the result of around one year of hard work and strong determination, reflecting Russ Crowley’s ultimate talent and passion for music.

The music of In2it is entirely written and directed by the talented Russ Crowley and is co-produced and engineered by Outer Limit Studios owner Ken Rutkowski. Despite the hurdles caused by the pandemic, the individuals managed to come together and were able to craft an album that is unlike any other.

Ever since his journey in music began, Russ Crowley has always made sure to create music that comes from different moods, themes, and styles that fit well together naturally. Throughout its time in the world of the music industry, In2it has captured the attention of many fans around the country as they describe their music as Euphoric.

In a recent interview, the creator of In2it, Russ Crowley, stated “With each song, I’m always trying something different, I want to be groundbreaking, but I always prioritize on what is best for the song and the people who will be listening to it”. In his early stages of life, Russ Crowley dealt with multiple hurdles; however, it paved a way for him to transform it into something which he loves, which is music.

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In2it, features talented singer-songwriter Russ Crowley, who has been writing music for the past 30 years. During 2009, Russ Crowley and his partner Kenny Hausmann  got together and formed the Pop Rock Acoustic duo called Pop Star Novelty, ushering a new era for the artist’s musical career. Initially, the duo worked together at their hometown in Buffalo, New York, strengthening their friendship despite their diverging musical backgrounds. At the end of 2009, Russ and Kenny struggled to find a drummer for their band but their determination for music let them to transition into an acoustic duo. Later evolving into the Pop Music powerhouse known today as “In2it”. During 2018, Kenny left the group owing to his own commitments and diverging life paths, and Russ decided to move forward as a solo artist. Following the latest EP release, “A Slice of life”, the eclectic artist hopes to inspire and help individuals conquer their inner demons with its music.

Name: Russ Crowley
Email Address: [email protected]
158 Windmill Rd
Buffalo, NY 14218
United States

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/in2itmusicduo
Twitter: http://twitter.com/in2itmusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkwS-nm10GnuMc2ejZRbpHA
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/in2itmusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5qwRyANP6CuofZpWGuyxMB