A Dazzling and Heartfelt Musical Fairytale – Rising Artist Phoebe Chan Empowers Audiences with Unique New Release

Brimming with a distinct appeal, inventiveness, and flair, Phoebe melds the virtual world and reality with J-Pop inspired music, stage performances, and VTuber livestreams

San Jose, CA —May 5th, 2023 –A unique and unrivalled singer and songwriter, Phoebe Chan is melding the virtual and physical world with her unique and immersive hybrid performances. Phoebe has been working tirelessly to carve out a musical niche for herself and similar “overseas idols,” integrating kawaii Japanese-inspired idol (アイドル) culture with indie music and her own signature VTuber (virutal YouTuber) spin. A truly genre-bending “2.5D Fairytale Idol,” the eclectic artist, who also works as a voice actress and streamer, recently dropped her first full-length original album- “All of My Life.”

After over ten years of sharing her singing on YouTube (beginning as early as elementary school) and five years performing on stage, this fully self-produced and self-managed artist continues to spellbind audiences with her immersive, comforting, and uplifting musical experiences for her community of “FeebeeHive” fans.

Touching countless hearts all over the world, Phoebe’s music is centered upon nurturing a dream alongside her fans, and marks a dedicated effort to create meaningful and soothing music and entertainment with empathy, warmth, and tolerance in mind. Her new album “All of My Life” is no exception. Released worldwide on Feburary 3, 2023, the album sculpts the budding journey of an artist-performer who is doing her very best and growing alongside her fans – the very essence of Japanese pop idol (アイドル) culture.

Phoebe’s new album features brilliant collaborations. It is a labor of love created alongside numerous producers, visual artists, motion graphics designers, and audio engineers that have accompanied her on her journey the past several years, including longtime collaborator and contemporary icon Miyolophone.

Having toured alongside artists from Japan such as Himari, NECRONOMIDOL, Haruko Momoi, Toriena, Stephanie Topalian, and Diana Garnet, Phoebe has amassed extensive experience. It has been a long journey, but this ever-budding artist is constantly working to hone her craft and is beginning to leap onto new and bigger stages. Nonetheless, her guiding philosophy remains that “music is a universal language that can remind people that they are not alone,” and her goal: to comfort weary minds and souls. “If I need to perform on bigger and bigger stages to reach as many people as I can, that’s exactly what I’ll do,” says Phoebe. “The connection and spark between the performer and the audience from the stage is what inspires me the most.”

Widely considered as the “Fairytale Idol,” owing to her philosophy that each person has the power to write their own stories, Phoebe’s aims is to reach as many people as possible with her voice and to deliver authentic “overseas idol” performances on stages all over the world.

Listeners of her music can look forward to more original songs and covers in the future, as well as performances at conventions and events.

Visit Phoebe’s official website to stream/buy her new music and follow her musical journey on social media! Contact the artist through email or her website for inquiries regarding performance bookings or musical collaborations.



California-based vocalist, lyricist, voice actress, and online personality, Phoebe (also known by her online moniker “Feebeechanchibi”) aims to create comfy, cozy music and entertainment with empathy, warmth, and tolerance in mind. As a child, she started posting her covers of Japanese pop songs onto her YouTube channel since 2010.

Born in the U.S. and anime-raised by Filipino parents, Phoebe is a cross-cultural blend of East and West. From a young age, Phoebe had a passion for singing, particularly Japanese music, starting her YouTube channel as an elementary schooler. A decade later, Phoebe has not only amassed millions of views on YouTube, but has gone on to become a professional vocalist and actor.

She makes an appearance in games such as NOISZ Starlight (as Hikari), Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2 (as Eve), Wildfire: Ticket to Rock (as Miyuki), and Bistro Days (as herself). Since May 2020, she has become a Twitch and YouTube Partner, as well as an Official Artist on YouTube. Solo, she is a full-time artist currently working to create original songs and self-produced her first original solo EP, Moon Garden (May 2020), her 2nd EP Chill Bee-Ts to Buzz to (April 2021), and most recently her first album All of My Life (February 2023).

In addition to her solo activities, Phoebe is formerly a member of idol duo PhEri, with whom she has toured California and performed with multiple singers from Japan.


Name: Phoebe Chan
Email: [email protected]


Website: https://www.feebeechanchibi.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feebeechanchibi/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/feebeechanchibi
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@feebeechanchibi
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3AVEJlXqQJciNtMTZn2AjA


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