A Groundbreaking Mix of Heavy Metal and Soothing Classical With Alan King Project’s ‘King of Flames’

The Nebraskan musician narrates an exhilarating and dynamic fantasy storyline with his new album

Omaha, Nebraska – March 06, 2021 – Striking symphonies, hypnotic violin, with a mesmerizing contrast of metal and hard bass, all tied together into a world of mystery, evil, love, and hate with Alan King Project’s latest album ‘King of Flames’

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, producer, and Goth/Rock artist Alan King created an experience with the contributions of exceptional artists including Kevin Kerwin on the piano, Jeremy Ehrig on the drums, Jody Kermoade and Danny Korb with the guitar tracks, Chuck Tostenson for the Bass, Matt Tompkins with narration, and Olga Smola as the violinist to tie it all together.

‘King of Flames’ is an 80-minute story that tells the tale of a young Lord who experiences love, heartbreak, struggle, and all the tribulations of the world. The album makes you realize the reality of things in life, how everything is not what it truly seems, and how we discover parts of ourselves, piece by piece, on our own journey. Alan King Project mastered the album by giving each track a different style and sound, including Rock, Metal, Classical, and even Blues to make a well-rounded ensemble.

“Music is an emotional interaction between the listener and the performer. Every emotional interaction is unique. That’s what makes music so powerful,” says Alan King. “It took over three years to bring the pieces of this project together, to create one cohesive and magical musical listening experience. The music, story, vision, and dedication put into the recording process, is best experienced by engaging your favorite set of earphones or surround sound.”
Alan King Project focuses on fusion and creating an experience for the listeners through complex harmonies and contrasting rhythms. Their music is a journey within of itself, taking your conscious mind down a road of incredible storytelling that captivates you into listening again and again.

Alan King wishes to preserve the art of trying something bold and new, creating masterpieces for the listeners to carry with themselves. He plans to continue bringing something new to the table with each project, delving into the world of the mythical and beyond.

‘King of Flames’ is available to stream on most streaming platforms, or for purchase on DVD of USB drive, which comes along with high resolution 96k 24bit files from studio masters to please the ears of audiophiles. Some of the tracks you must look forward to include “I found an Angel,” “It’s Hard to Believe,” and of course “King of Flames”

Stream Alan King Project’s enigmatic album ‘King of Flames’ here!







Alan King, of Alan King Project, is a musician, singer-songwriter, producer, and business man from Omaha Nebraska. Born in Tucson, Arizona, Alan King dived into the world of music in junior high school, playing guitar, bass, and the piano. After completing his music major at University of Omaha, Alan King joined the band Breakout, touring the country before putting together his own band, Castle in 1989. The success of Castle led Alan King to build his own studio and production company, still taking time to express his own creativity by writing and producing his own albums. Realizing the need for emotional connection with the listeners, Alan started the Alan King project to provide his audience with a sound that hits their heart with each verse.

Alan King Project’s sound is an exhilarating mix of styles and moods, not limited to a genre or type of arrangement. The common components of the music involve emotionally-rich Classical, riveting Rock and Metal, with an unexpected addition of slow and relaxing Blues, combined with a fascinating method of storytelling that completes the puzzle every time.




Name: Alan King
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Omaha, NE 68111
United States
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